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There are many things to take into consideration when buying a new construction home.

New construction home buying tends to be pretty straight forward in today’s market.

There used to be a negative perception that the builder and site agent would try to pull a quick one if you chose to work directly through them. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

When buying a new construction home, the last thing a builder wants to do is argue back and forth with a real estate agent who made unauthorized promises to their clients. Having a site agent there allows the builder to deal directly with the buyer (such as buying a car, the sales people at the dealership work for the dealership), by doing this the buyer will know exactly what the builder will include or not include in the purchase.

Often, in my experience, builders may offer slightly more concessions for using their agent because they are sure the transaction will go much smoother.

Site agents sit new construction sites in order to be available to assist people make one of the biggest purchases of their life.

When dealing with a site agent in new construction home, you have the best possibility of getting the right answer to any of your questions. But even when using a site agent there are a few things you want to make sure you do because misunderstandings do occur, and it is better to play it safe then not.

I will list the steps to follow when purchasing a new construction home (or even a home that is not new construction) below:

Get things in writing!

It is always smart to get everything in writing when dealing when purchasing a new construction home. Everyone forgets things from time to time (buyer and seller) so don’t be alarmed if the site agent makes you sign every document. If a site agent is making you sign an agreement on your purchase for a new construction home you should be happy they are protecting both parties!

Ask what is include and not include

If you are buying a model home or a pre-sale off of a model home, you need to ask what is included and what is not included. Things could range from upgrades used to make the model home spectacular to the appliances not being included. It is better to ask the question then just assume what you think! Don’t forget to get the agreement in writing as well!

Does the builder give a warranty with the home?

Some builders will give the home buyer of a new construction home a one year warranty to make sure nothing is wrong with the home. It is definitely in your best interest to find out if the builder you are buying from offers one or not.

Get an inspection!

Even though you are buying a new construction home it does not mean things are perfect! I have witnessed insulation not laid in the attic even when the builder had a receipt for it and the city had signed off on it as well. The only way it was caught (because I did not climb up to see) was through the inspection! People make mistakes and it is better to double check then not to!

Ask if the builder has any relationships with lenders that can help benefit you!

Many lenders want to be the preferred lender for the site and will offer incentives to use them, for example my preferred lender for my plats pays 1% of the purchase to closing cost. When doing this he still gives the PAR rate, obviously not every lender will do this so shop around…just see what you qualify through them!

Do research on the builder!

Check the builder’s reputation and see if they have any reviews. But it is important to know beforehand that everyone will have positive and negative reviews no matter what. Sometimes it can be because an agent over promised something or maybe the builder and buyer just didn’t get along. Either way do your research!